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Frost Hollow Publishers specializes in books that boys will read, and is the only publisher producing novels aimed exclusively at boys. All you have to do is try one and your school book report worries are over. And for the first time you even have fun getting it out of the way. Over 75% of our sales are to people coming back for titles they haven't read. But don't believe us. Look below to see what our readers have to say.

NEW FOR 2013:

     "The Contract is one of my favorite books written by Robert Holland. This novel was action packed and suspenseful. The characters were well developed. I felt like I could really relate to them. Every setting was so well described I could see exactly where they were. I would recommend this book to any of my friends."

—Jack Auray, age 13

     "Summer With Aunt Kate is a very good book! One of the best I have read in this genre and I would read it again and again! This novel is a real winner filled with nonstop fun!"

—Natalie Ise

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