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About Home Schooling...

Home schooling parents need to know about Frost Hollow Publisherís Books for Boys, if only because they too have to deal with boys who donít want to read. Frost Hollow has the answer, 14 novels, all stand-alone stories aimed directly at boys age 10 to 15 and even older. These superbly written stories are designed to appeal to boys by using action, mystery, suspense, sports, and adventure to get and hold the readerís attention. They keep boys entertained and provide a relief from purely academic reading while stressing through the actions of the characters, high ethics and morality and getting boys used to that notion that you only get what you earn, and that it takes hard work to succeed at anything. The books are also funny because a sense of humor is, after all, a good part of what gets us through life.

About Middle School Readers...

Middle school boys donít have much to read that they find interesting, simply because thereís isnít much out there aimed at them. Ask any middle school librarian. But Frost Hollow Publishers has 14 novels theyíre going to like, 14 wonderful novels packed with sports, suspense, mystery, and adventure. None of the books are sequels. Each is set in a different place with different characters. They also stress high ethics and morals, and proceed from a belief that you get what earn. But the real benefit is that boys WILL read and enjoy these books. Soon enough they discover that reading is a form of entertainment. They even get to laugh. Whatís more, boys will talk about these novels among themselves, and such a thing has hardly ever been heard of these days. And we know that happens because the librarians have told us they have overheard such discussions. They also smile more these days because now when a boy comes into the library they have something to offer him.

About Reluctant Readers...

A reluctant reader is the bane of any motherís existence and the frustration only mounts with each passing month. Most often that reluctant reader is a middle school aged boy. He typically is into sports and video games and regards reading as something for nerds and girls. But once he gets hold of our Books for Boys, that reluctant, middle school reader undergoes a transformation. Not only will he devour one book after another, but he will reread the books over and over. The reason is that these novels are aimed at boys. They are packed with mystery, adventure, sports, and suspense. The books stress ethics, high morality, and the fight against injustice. It also means, Mom, that the battles over having to get a certain number of books read over the summer or the struggle over book reports are at an end. What could be better than that?

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