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If you haven't heard of this series of Books for Boys from Frost Hollow Publishers, perhaps the following comments from readers and their parents will offer some insight into what we're up to

You can find these books at your local bookseller or they can order them for you. Sometime soon Barnes & Noble will begin stocking them as well, and they are also carried on

But in the meantime, have a look at what our readers say. Then go back and read a chapter, always keeping in mind that these novels are aimed at boys and are, therefore, a good deal different than what you may have seen before.

"Your books are very entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always with an important lesson. As a mother of a teenage son I'm grateful for that. Thanks to you, Michael is reading!

He is sixteen and I have to say, a great kid, but like Rob English in Breakin' Stones, until he recognizes his talents, it's really tough trying to fit in. The characters in your books help them to understand they are not alone."

                                                     -Linda Filippelli

"It is rewarding for me to report to you that Andrew was thoroughly engaged. I can't tell you how many times he just laughed out loud at reading Nick's observations about life as a 16-year-old.

Since I found myself reading The One Legged Man Who Came Out of a Well along with Andrew, I'd like to share my own "review" of your book - it was as suspenseful as any Mary Higgins Clark book I've ever read! Early on, I was interested in the murder and who Mr. Bede was and what he might have really done. I worried that Nick would get caught in the cabin by Arthur. This is a good read for both a middle schooler and an adult. Thanks."

                                                     -Cynthia Miller

"The Purple Car by Robert Holland is an exciting and suspenseful story, full of mystery and surprise. I expect this very well written novel will fascinate young readers, and the bone-chilling climax is absolutely riveting."

           -Francelia Butler,
                   Professor emerita af Children's Literature,
                   University of Connecticut;
                   Founder and former editor-in-chief of "Children's Literature",
                   Yale University Press.

"I particularly enjoyed reading Breakin' Stones because it has so many things in it that interest me. The parts where Rod was fishing and he caught all those bluefish intrigued me. However, it was even more exciting, reading all the parts with the mystery and suspense. Breakin' Stones is one of the best books I have ever read. I look forward to reading some of the other books in your series."

                                                     -Brad Forkner

"These books for boys by Robert Holland are an exciting addition to The Bunch of Grapes. Not only are they well written, but they are aimed directly at boys, a market which has long been ignored. We have done very well with them over the past several years."

           -Ann Nelson
                   The Bunch of Grapes Bookstore
                   Martha's Vineyard

"Everytime there's reading to do at school, Adam chooses one of your books. We all love them!"

                                                     -Teresa L. White

"Once again I want to thank you for some wonderful stories. Michael (age 12) has read and re-read every one of your books he has, and he recently asked for 'all the ones I don't have yet' for Christmas and his birthday. Keep up all the great work!"

                                                     -Terry Ralabate

"I enjoy reading your books because they are really exciting. I like the fact that you mix sports and mystery.

I do not like reading a lot because English is not my first language. Most of the time at home I speak Spanish. But I like reading your books because they are not boring and because you know what kids my age want to read."

                                                     -Giovanni Montiel

"What I like most about the Purple Car is that there's tons of adventure and mystery. I really love your books. You are my favorite author."

                                                     -Aviel Dahar

"Thank you for your books and you should know that a 10-year-old boy thinks you are the best writer ever."

                                                     -Susan Yule

"I really dislike reading, but when I read your book, Breakin' Stones, I could relate to it and I loved it. I especially liked your word choice. I could really relate to that. The book was great!"

                                                     -Vinny Cianci

"I liked Summer on Kidd's Creek a lot. I'm ten years old and the report I did on your book for school got an A."

                                                     -Dan Murphy

"What grabbed me about The Voice of the Tree was the hockey game you described in the book. I am a hockey fan and my favorite sport is hockey. The book was very exciting and I couldn't put it down until I finished it!"

                                                     -Geoffrey Muller

"I purchased The Purple Car for my 11-year-old son a few weeks ago and he loved it. He read it in two days! It is the first book that has grabbed his attention in quite some time."

                                                     -Jeanne Hollister

"I am a huge fan of your writing. It is all so interesting and hard to put down. It has become impossible to take more than a day to read one of your books because I can't stop reading. I just got The Last Champion and I can't wait to start it. My favorite books of yours are Mad Max Murphy and The Purple Car. I can't wait for the next book."


"Just finished Mad Max -- loved it! Entertaining as anything I have read!"

                                                     -Ed Moore

"I finished The Black Queen and loved it! It was so good, I lent it to our librarian! She's giving it back to me tomorrow! I'm half finished with The Voice of the Tree and, if possible, it's proving to be better than The Black Queen! I can't wait to find out what happens, but I've been busy with school and haven't been able to complete it yet! Oh! I think The Black Queen is really sequel material! Maybe you could make another book about what happens after Linda and George got married, and explaining why Paul Coleman did what he did! Maybe even have him escape from prison! I don't mean to be writing a book for you or telling you how to write, but as a 12-year-old boy who looooves to read and write, I think it could be great!"

                                                     -Gordon DiQuattro

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