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Here are two NEW EDITIONS of novels aimed at adult readers, which includes boys for whom you once bought books....

Conversations With a Man Long Dead.
Trade Paperback
390 pages

At any time there are people in this world we should listen to, and well we might, were we given the opportunity.

Able Smith is such a man, a farmer, on the surface, but one who has chosen not to follow traditional methods in nearly anything.

Which is why, when he hears a voice he believes belongs to the ghost of Sam Long, his reaction is atypical for a man in 1843.

Things Got in the Way
Trade Paperback
373 pages

This powerful novel from Robert Holland gets at baseball from a side seldom seen. It has to do with dreams and how our lives often seem driven by uncontrollable fate to thwart those dreams. And it raises the question of whether our genetic codes may, even beyond natural ability, limit our chances to realize our dreams.

Just A Thought
by Paul Dryden Lynn
Trade Paperback
160 pages

The stories in this volume are rife with the understated wit and wisdom so often associated with people of a Yankee background and therein lies a good deal of what makes them so appealing. How Mr. Lynn was able to dredge up the quotes below remains a mystery.

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